Our management team

Efficient engagement. Effective operation.

Stoneport is supported by an experienced team of advisers who manage its day-to-day operation and support employers in their interactions with the Stoneport Pension Scheme on behalf of the Trustees, as explained further below.

Information on the Trustees’ advisors can be found here.

In the short video below you can learn how Stoneport runs and operates as more employers join, including about the role of the ‘Alliance’ of employers, and the services Stoneport Pensions Management Limited (‘SPML’) provide to the Trustees in their day-to-day engagement with employers.

Stoneport Pensions Alliance Limited

Principal Employer to the Stoneport Pension Scheme.

The principal employer, Stoneport Pensions Alliance Limited (‘Stoneport Alliance’), acts as a membership body for all the employers who join the Stoneport Pension Scheme. It has rules governing its operation, including on which matters, and how and when employers must be consulted with.

Jonathan Punter is the Managing Director of the Stoneport Alliance and whose role it is to ensure it acts in accordance with its governing rules in its day-to-day operation, as the Principal Employer to the Stoneport Pension Scheme.

“Our success is rooted in innovating to solve clients’ problems. Stoneport is the next step in our journey, with a simple but bold aim: to transform the pensions landscape for smaller DB schemes.” Jonathan Punter, Managing Director of Stoneport Pensions Alliance Limited (Principal Employer to the Stoneport Pension Scheme)

Jonathan Punter

Managing Director of Stoneport Pensions Alliance Limited

Jonathan Punter is the sole director of the Stoneport Alliance. He has 40 years’ experience in the actuarial profession, with particular expertise in UK pensions, investment strategy, and administration, as well as in pension mergers, buy-outs and due diligence. A director of several investment companies in London and Dublin, he is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries.

In the event that Jonathan is unavailable, and decisions need to be made for the Stoneport Alliance, Kenneth McKelvey will act as his alternate

Kenneth McKelvey

Alternative Director of Stoneport Pensions Alliance Limited

Kenneth is a qualified actuary and Managing Director of Punter Southall Group Limited. Kenneth has over 30 years of experience in pensions, investment and management consulting. Further details on Kenneth are available on the Punter Southall website.

Stoneport Pensions Management Limited (SPML)

SPML has been appointed by the Trustees of the Stoneport Pension Scheme, to act on their behalf to provide day-to-day support to the employers, aiding decision-making and managing their interaction and engagement with the Trustees.

This allows the Trustees and the employers to operate effectively and efficiently, dealing with any matters as they arise, and enabling the Trustees to run the arrangement like it were a single employer arrangement. Barnett Waddingham, meanwhile, will focus on the practical day-to-day running of the arrangement from an administrative perspective, paying members benefits, managing the investment of the assets and employer contributions, and so on.

The team behind the design and development of Stoneport bring together years of industry experience advising schemes large and small on their pension matters. Across the team they have worked on all the well-known multi-employer schemes and have a highly relevant depth and breadth of experience to bring in supporting the Trustees in their engagement with the employers and schemes who will join and reap the benefits of Stoneport.

Richard Jones

Chief Executive

Richard heads up the Stoneport team and was a key architect in its development. He is a qualified actuary with almost 25 years industry experience, including over a decade heading up Punter Southall’s specialist employer consulting division, prior to the sale of all the pension consulting businesses in 2018.

His particular specialism is the interaction of employer covenant with funding and investment, helping schemes to understand and navigate to the best long-term outcome for their specific circumstances. Having led over 300 complex pension projects during his career he is well placed to understand the technical ins and outs as well as the practical realities to design and develop Stoneport.

Chris Parlour

Head of Employer Engagement

Chris brings more than 20 years’ experience advising employers and trustees to his role at Stoneport. He has a wealth of experience in finding solutions to complex situations and navigating clients to successful outcomes.

Chris is excited to bring Stoneport’s innovation to market and provide many of the smaller schemes he has worked on during his career a transformative opportunity in the new solution he has been a core part of developing.

Matthew Claisse

Head of Strategy and Communications

Matthew joined Stoneport to lead the development of its strategy and messaging of the transformative change Stoneport can bring to smaller schemes and their stakeholders. Throughout his two decade-long career he has thrived on embracing new challenges, both at a technical and big picture level, using clear and persuasive logic to help clients from a range of backgrounds find practicable solutions to their problems.

Matthew has been instrumental in Stoneport’s launch, bringing together the different people required to deliver the team’s hard work and vision as a reality.

Jacqui Woodward

Head of Covenant

Jacqui leads Stoneport’s covenant assessment and advice. She has over 20 years’ experience advising trustees and sponsors on actuarial and covenant matters, having advised on the latter since 2006.

Jacqui will support the Trustees in assessing employer’s eligibility to join Stoneport, as well as the measuring, monitoring and managing of covenant at centralisation and thereafter.