Key benefits for trustees

The trustees of schemes looking to join Stoneport will take significant comfort from the high standards of governance and positive member experience Stoneport is able to offer and that from the members perspective, their benefits do not change.

Once Stoneport reaches scale to be able to operate as one larger, stronger scheme, from the end of 2022, the transformative impact on members’ benefit security kicks in. From then on, the benefits of Stoneport’s members are collectively supported, dramatically reducing the risk of members not receiving all their benefits in full.

Trustees also know that stronger employers mean stronger pension schemes. Schemes joining Stoneport have a shared goal of reaching its long-term funding target, with appropriate levels of engagement and support through the journey, allowing employers to refocus on their businesses.

The highest standards of governance at the lowest cost

Stoneport has been designed to transform the governance arrangements of smaller schemes for employers, trustees and members alike giving:

Access to the best investment opportunities

Stoneport will provide smaller schemes access to a much wider range of investments, as well as more sophisticated strategies, essential parts of effective scheme management. Compared to less well- governed schemes, good governance through effective investment has been shown to add 1 – 2% per annum to returns, meaning Stoneport will be more effective at making your money work harder, for you and your members.

High quality administration and advice

The day-to-day running of Stoneport will be undertaken by Barnett Waddingham, a long-standing and well-respected name in pensions administration, actuarial and investment advice.

Professional trustee oversight

Stoneport is overseen by professional trustees, ensuring the highest standards of knowledge underpin its operation and the commitment to deliver the best outcomes for all members.

Comprehensive advice

Stoneport has the scale and resources to ensure all issues that should be considered are considered, in appropriate depth.

Enhanced member experience

Members will benefit from having ready access to their benefit statements and information, with Stoneport using its scale and technology to deliver industry best- practice on member communication and engagement.

The Trustees are supported by Barnett Waddingham in the day-to-day delivery for provision of actuarial, administration and investment services.

For Trustees, safe in the knowledge that Stoneport improves their members’ benefit security and experience, Stoneport’s benefits are clear.