Explanatory guides

Here you can find a range of explanatory guides explaining why Stoneport was created, its key benefits, and how it is run and operated. Complementing this section is the FAQs, providing answers to the most common questions, and the Scheme Documents, where you can download the key reference documents for the Stoneport Pension Scheme.

Introductory guides The following two guides provide employers and trustees with a first look at why we established Stoneport and the benefits it can bring to each of them.
An initial guide for employers View & download Targeted at employers, this guide uncovers the costs employers face running their schemes singlehandedly and how Stoneport can change things for the better by bring economies of scale from its scale and resources.
An initial guide for trustees View & download Aimed at trustees, this guide looks at the risks to members benefits where schemes are supported by a single employer. It sets out how Stoneport transforms the position as well as enhancing the governance, providing trustees with the reassurance of better outcomes from schemes joining together.
Technical guides We have produced a series of eight technical guides on the Stoneport Pension Scheme to help trustees, employers and their advisors understand the headline detail of its structure and operation.
1 An introduction to Stoneport View & download Targeted at employers, this guide uncovers the costs employers face running their schemes single-handedly and how Stoneport can change things for the better by bring economies of scale from its scale and resources.
2 Stoneport’s operational framework View & download The second guide in our series looks at how Stoneport is run and regulated. It explains in more detail how Stoneport operates like a DB Master Trust on the road to completing its consolidation on 31 December 2022, when the assets and liabilities of all employers are expected to be pooled to form one larger, stronger scheme.
3 Stoneport’s cost savings View & download In the third guide in the series we look in more detail at the cost savings Stoneport is able to achieve. We start with its running cost savings, as this is where Stoneport began, before covering investment management and endgame cost efficiencies and the impact of the expected governance boost from Stoneport’s scale and resources. Other benefits, savings such as the saving in employers’ time spent on pensions matters, as also covered.
4 Risk reduction within Stoneport View & download In the fourth guide we focus on the dramatic risk reduction Stoneport can bring about from centralisation, planned to occur on 31 December 2022, through pooling the assets and liabilities of the schemes who join it. It also highlights how Stoneport’s strength from scale and resources will enable better engagement with members and employers alike.
5 Funding and investment View & download The fifth guide in the series covers the important topics of what Stoneport’s investment and funding strategy is and what it will mean in practice for any employer that joins in terms of the contributions they can expect to pay.
6 Tracking notional assets and liabilities View & download The sixth guide covers how each employer’s share of Stoneport is worked out based on what they brought in originally, as well as how this will change and be tracked over time.
7 Member option terms View & download The seventh guide in the series considers member options, such as the ability to take a tax-free lump sum at retirement, or to early retire. It explains how member option terms are taken care of in Stoneport and what that means for employers and trustees of schemes looking to join.
8 Entry, terms and joining process View & download The final guide in the series focuses on joining Stoneport. It covers everything from Stoneport’s requirements for a scheme to be able to join, through to the practical steps to onboard your members.
Employer covenant ‘primer’ guides Stoneport measures, monitors and manages employer covenant risk, both on entry and throughout its lifetime, to ensure the risks taken by individual employers and the scheme as a whole are appropriate and proportionate to the level of support provided. The following guides and reports give more detailed consideration to key employer covenant matters within Stoneport.
Employer covenant enhancement on centralisation: a primer for trustees View & download This report, aimed at trustees, explains how by bringing schemes together and pooling their individual assets, liabilities and covenants, Stoneport enhances the overall covenant provided to support the scheme.
Protecting against affordability risk: a primer for employers View & download This report, aimed at employers, focuses on how Stoneport’s entry requirements and centralisation conditions, combined with its funding and investment approach, and monitoring and management of employer covenant, ensure that employers are safeguarded in the pooling of risks.