Scheme documents

Here you can find the key documents governing the Stoneport Pension Scheme’s operation, and the policies and principles the Trustees have currently adopted to run it.

Trust Deed & Rules View & download The Trust Deed & Rules governs how the Stoneport Pension Scheme is administered by the Trustees, their duties and powers.
Articles of Association for the Principal Employer View & download The articles of association governs how each employer gets its say in the key decisions affecting the Stoneport Pension Scheme.
Statement of Funding Principles View & download This sets out the method and assumptions currently adopted by the Trustees to determine the contribution requirements of the scheme.
Statement of Actuarial Factor Policy View & download This document contains the member options terms that currently apply as well as the Trustees’ policy for reviewing those terms.
Statement of Investment Principles View & download The Statement of Investment Principles describe the basis on which the Trustees plan to invest the scheme assets.
Implementation Statement View & download This document describes the Trustees’ policies on engagement and the exercise of voting rights, and how those policies were followed during the last Scheme year.
ESG ambitions statement View & download The ESG ambitions statement explains how the Trustees will keep ESG considerations at the forefront of their thinking as Stoneport’s investment strategy evolves through the various phases of its life
Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure View & download The Trustees’ procedure for handling any disputes raised by members are documented here, including the timescales for responding.
DB Master Trust Self-Certificate View & download This document summarises the structure, governance and operational details of the scheme, including how Stoneport is run, the names of scheme Trustees, their advisors as well as fee structures and the process for employers to join and leave the scheme.