Scheme documents

Here you can find the key documents governing the Stoneport Pension Scheme’s operation, and the policies and principles the Trustees have currently adopted to run it.

Trust Deed & Rules View & download The Trust Deed & Rules governs how the Stoneport Pension Scheme is administered by the Trustees, their duties and powers.
Statement of Funding Principles View & download This sets out the method and assumptions currently adopted by the Trustees to determine the contribution requirements of the scheme.
Statement of Investment Principles View & download The Statement of Investment Principles described the basis on which the Trustees plan to invest the scheme assets.
Statement of Actuarial Factor Policy View & download This document contains the member options terms that currently apply as well as the Trustees’ policy for reviewing those terms.
Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure View & download The Trustees’ procedure for handling any disputes raised by members are documented here, including the timescales for responding.
Articles of Association for the Principal Employer View & download The articles of association governs how each employer gets its say in the key decisions affecting the Stoneport Pension Scheme.